8mm elastic bungie cord with plastic shell metal hooks

  • Lashing capacity: 120N
  • Breaking strength: 24kg(53lbs)
  • Hook type: metal j hook with plastic shell
  • Length: 60cm ~ 200cm
  • Cord material: Rubber mixed latex
  • Woven material: PP

This hot sale elastic cord is in diameter 8mm and comes with double j hooks which made of metal core with plastic shell. 

This bungie cord is made by rubber plus nature latex which offers super elasticity and enables it to reach 70% elongationIts.

The woven jacket is made of durable and UV protected Polypropylene. It extends lifetime of this stretch cord.

The double j hooks have metal core inside for better strength. There are anti-slip grain designed on the body of metal hook which makes you more safety when using it to secure luggages. We use plastic compression process to connnect hooks and elastic cord. The round base gives good strength and guarantees lashing capacity.

Producer’s P/NQL3204
Capacity24kg (53lbs)
Cord shapeRound
Cord diameter8mm
Length60cm ~ 200cm
Core materialRubber + nature latex
Woven materialPolypropylene
Hook materialPP + metal core
ColorUpon customer request
Place of originZhejiang, China
PackingPoly bag
Leadtime30 days in normal
HS code56041000
Hot sale 32pc pack is available


1. What is bungee cord?

Bungee cords are practical and versatile helpers around a home. They are simple to use and can handle a variety of jobs beyond just strapping furniture to the top of your car or in the bed of your truck. Household uses for bungee cords range from clever storage solutions to quick repairs, and they’re affordable enough to keep a few at home or in your car.

There are a range of bungee cord types and sizes available. Mini bungee cords are made for light jobs, like securing your garbage bin or storing tents and other camping gear. Heavy-duty cords and longer options are designed to secure large items.

Bungee cords can have either plastic, metal, or carabiner-style hooks or a ball at the ends. Metal or metal-core hooks are a good pick for extra security and strength. For outdoor use, there are UV-, water-, and friction-resistant bungee cords. The best bungee cords are strong, durable, and keep their elasticity over time.

2. What is a bungee cord used for?

Wikipedia – Today, bungee cords are most often used to secure objects without tying knots and to absorb shock. Inexpensive bungee cords, with metal or plastic hooks on each end, are marketed as a general utility item.

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