What do the basic hook ends of Tie Down Straps include?

The normal hook ends of tie down strap include below 4 types:

1. S-Hook

S-Hooks are the most standard type of hook end, S-hooks fit for any hole or any anchor point which to remain secure when a simple strap would not. You should consider hooks’ material, diameter and surface treatment when you select a qualified S-Hook.

In the market normally S-Hook comes with black PVC coat. The coat has 3 benefits:

  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Protect surface of anchored point;
  • Reduce the light reflection during transportation under sunshine.

2. Strong double J-Hook

Strong double J-Hooks are typically used on one end of a ratchet strap to tightly grip onto an anchor point. It is normally used for a strap with bigger breaking force, say > 2000lbs. Surface treatment can be PVC coat, chromed or galvanized.

3. Snap Hook

Snap Hooks are similar to an S-hook in function, but feature a latch that snaps closed around the tie-down point to provide a more secure grip than an S-hook.

4. Flat Hooks

Flat Hooks feature a low-profile, versatile design to go over the rub rail of a trailer, and can use other tie-down straps as anchor points.

A tie down strap can have no hook , which is also call hookless lashing strap.

Date:2022-12-12 Author:mason123

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