8mm adjustable luggage bungee cord with pirate hooks

  • Lashing capacity: 80N
  • Break force: 24Kg
  • Hook Type: Adjustable pirate hook
  • Length: 1.2m, 2m or customized
  • Cord material: Rubber mixed latex
  • Woven material: PP

This 8mm adjustable bungee cord is flexible for you to secure your luggage in many places. The main cord material are rubber filaments but also mixed some latex filaments, which provide super elasticity and durability. Outer woven is made by polypropylene that can give good protection to the cord, and extends its work life.

The patented pirate hooks are made of strong Nylon and have metal core in side. It guarantees lashing capacity and make you more confident when securing your luggage. The adjustable bungee cord hooks have innovative teeth slot structure that can bite the cord easily and firmly. It makes you super convenient to adjust its length. The open mouth of hooks is big for holding 30mm target. The anti-slip dots on the hook side improve safety for handling. This part is GS certified so it is no problem to sell in European market.

Producer’s P/NQL3219
Cord shapeRound
Cord diameter8mm
Length1.2m, 2m or upon customer request
Core materialRubber + latex
Woven materialPolypropylene
Connector materialNylon with metal core
Place of originZhejiang, China
PackingBlister or customized
Leadtime30 days in normal
HS code56041000
PatentZL 2016 3 0522390.9


1. What is bungee cord?

Wikipedia – A bungee cord (sometimes spelled bungie; also known as a shock cord) is an elastic cord composed of one or more elastic strands forming a core, usually covered in a woven cotton or polypropylene sheath.

2. What is a bungee cord used for?

Wikipedia – Today, bungee cords are most often used to secure objects without tying knots and to absorb shock. Inexpensive bungee cords, with metal or plastic hooks on each end, are marketed as a general utility item.

3. Can a bungee cord break?

A bungee cord has its lashing capacity and minimum breaking force. Minimum breaking force is also called capacity in normal. Lashing capacity is something around 50% of its minimum breaking force. In your daily use we suggest you always keep the stretch strength under lashing capacity.

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