What should you ask when you are talking to tie down strap manufacturer?

If you are a professional purchaser, and now you already get in contact with a tension strap supplier, then what question should you bring up when you inquire a price from this tension strap factory?

Firstly, you need to know where your tension belt needs to be used, and then define the strap length and the working load in normal situation. For example, a lashing tie down can be used for truck transportation, warehouse storage & movement, motorcycle cargo fixing, or outdoor sport, etc.  Clearly in difference cases the strap length and working load are huge different, say from one meter to tens meters, from ten kilos to ten tons.

Afterwards you can list down some questions like below to your supplier.

1. What length can you provide?

In general, any length can be produced for a tie down strap. But if you want a retractable ratchet tie down, you have to know it has a ratchet housing. The strap in retracted state is kept in this housing. The size of ratchet housing limits the strap length.

2. What kind of tensioner can you provide?

Most of supplier can supply you ratchet tensioner and cam buckle tensioner. The main difference is ratchet tensioner relies on mechanical tensioning and provides bigger lashing capacity. Cam buckle tensioner relies on manual tensioning. Of course, both ratchet tensioner and cam buckle tensioner have many different designs. Some are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Some are made of zinc alloy or aluminum alloy. Some are plated in black or come with colorful soft cover.

3. What are the lashing capacity and breaking force of your product? Can you provide testing report?

Lashing capacity describes the maximum load that a tie-down can support with regular day-to-day use without damaged. Breaking force defines the maximum comfortable force that can be supported by the strap before its fails. Lashing capacity is generally defined as one half of breaking force.

You have to know that breaking force is not limited by the straps in normal case, it is usually limited by sewing, hook or tensioner.

Professional manufacturer needs to have internal lashing capacity testing equipment. So that they can provide you testing report for every production batch.

4. What colors can you provide?

It is no doubt that there are many different colors for you to choose from. Orange, yellow, blue and pink are popular since they are warning color. For sure you can select other colors you preferred. But you should know that for some rare colors are normally come with high price and long lead-time.

5. What strap width can you provide?

Normal strap widths include 18mm(3/4”), 25mm(1”), 31mm(1-1/4”), 38mm(1-1/2”), 50mm(2”), 75mm(3”) and 100mm(4”). But you always need to care of lashing capacity and breaking force when you select a tie down strap, not the strap width.

6. Can you put our logo on product?

The most efficient way is to do screen printing on strap. The other choices include offset printing, sew a label or weave logo directly on strap. Some suppliers can also put your logo on tensioner. For example, to stamp on metal part or plastic handle.

7. Do you have reflective stripe on strap?

The reflective stripe is for safety use in dark. You can ask which brand do you use for reflective material, and how many stripes can you offer, one or more?

8. What material does your strap made of?

Normal feedback will be PP, PES or Nylon.

9. What packaging can you offer?

Normal packaging include polybag plus head card, blister, plastic rack, color sleeve, etc. And, you should ask how many packs in one carton and the carton size and weight.

10. What are the hook types can you offer?

Normal options will be S hook, double J hook, flat hook, snap hook & hookless. You should also ask the hook material, heat treatment and surface treatment

11. What certifications do you have?

For example, GS/CE, BSCI, REACH, ISO, RoHS, etc.

12. What inspection do you do before shipment?

You could ask supplier to provide an inspection report and which should list out all inspection items and relative records.

Date:2022-11-21 Author:mason123

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