How to improve lifetime of tie down strap?

Based on our experience, tie down strap can be used 50-100 times in common conditions. Please always keep it in mind to inspect tie down strap before you use it to fasten cargoes every time. When you find any visible damage or tears, you should definetely to change a new one.

Here we will provide customers some tips for how to improve lifetime of tie down strap.

1. When the tie down belt is not in used, they should be keep in good storage. It is better to roll them up in neat size and put in a storage bag or box. And then put them in a safe and easy finding place.

2. Prevent oil, dirt and water immersion as much as possible during use and storage. And try to avoid sun exposure directly.

3. Always use tie down strap correctly. For example, do not overload; do not roll the strap when lashing; use in pairs; avoid scratching with sharp objects; don’t use tie donw strap as lift sling, etc.

4. Use strap protector when you fasten strap to cargoes with sharp edges. Refer to below idea which can improve the lifetime of tie down strap.

Please check our tie down products_others, we do provide customer tie down strap corner/edge protectors. It can be used as strap organizer also.

Sinovate’s strap protector QL8018
Date:2023-1-3 Author:mason123

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