What are the common materials of Tie Down Strap?

The common materials of Tie Down Straps include PES(Polyester), PP(Polypropylene) and PA (Polyamide, Nylon).

Price of PES is a little bit cheaper than PP’s in the past few years, and it is almost half of PA’s. Currently PES is the most cost-efficient material compared to the other two.

The density of PES is 1.33g/cm ³, it is higher than PP(0.91g/cm³) and PA(1.14g/cm³). With this character you can find that PES strap is felt thinner compared to PP strap in same lashing capacity. Actually it is good for storage space saving. Some customers prefer thicker straps and think they should be stronger. But that is not correct.

PES strap can be dyed after weaving. That is why PES strap is easy to customize color. But PP is dyed before weaving in normal situation, so the MOQ of PP strap for special color will be higher than PES’.

The weaving of PP webbing is rough than other material, and the original Hygroscopicity of PP is weak, so it is difficult to print logo on PP strap.

PA has super strength, ware resistance and fatigue durability. But because of its high cost, PA strap is normally used for high quality outdoor sport equipment. Rarely used in cargo lashing.

Date:2022-12-28 Author:mason123

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