What do a hot sale bungee cord set include?

Recently we got many inquiries about a hot sell 30pc bungee cords set. Products of the set includes the following items:

  • 4pcs of 6inch ball end bungee cord 4mm
  • 6pcs of 10inch mini cord 4mm with steel hook
  • 4pcs of 18inch bungee cord 8mm with carabiner hook
  • 4pcs of 24inch bungee cord 8mm with carabiner hook
  • 2pcs of 40inch bungee cord 8mm with carabiner hook
  • 2pcs of 60inch bungee cord 8mm with carabiner hook,
  • 2pcs of 80inch Flat cord
  • 4pcs of Tarp clips
  • 1pc of Cargo net 15*15
  • 1pc of storage bag

The whole set will be packed in a mail box. You may find it in many Amazon stores.

Here I can show you some more pictures of our individual item.

If you are also interested in this set, please contact with james@ql-tools.com for the details.

When you think carabiner hook is not a necessary for this set, a normal strong J hooks is good enough. Then we have cheaper alternative for you. See below for details:  

32Pack bungee cord kit

  • 14pcs 8mm bungee cords (6x 18”+4x 24”,+2x 32”+2x 40″)
  • 6pcs 10″mini cords
  • 4pcs 8” ball end cord
  • 1pc 15” Rubber cargo net
  • 4pc 70mm aluminum carabiner
  • 2pc tarp clip
  • 1pc storage bag

Price of this new pack will be around 25% cheaper than price of original one. Is it more attractive for you? Sinovate has many years experiences to handle bungee cord business. Our products range from 4mm to 10mm round cords and 18mm to 30mm flat elastic belt. Many models for hook are available for your choice. Jacket color, cord length and package can be customized for you.

Date:2022-10-24 Author:mason123

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