Key points of selling bungee cord set to top electronic product chain store

Currently we are selling a 8mm bungee cord set to a top electronic products seller, who is the leading consumer electronics retailer in Europe with over 1000 stores in 16 countries offer a range of items, including Electrical Appliances, Audio/Visual products and Accessories etc. We met quite a lot of interested requirements that we have never met before. Here I write down some key points of the success. And hope it can bring you some valuable reference when talking to such kind of customers.

Firstly, you need to know the requirements about quality. Below is the checking list for this part,

  • Allowed tensile force Fzul in N;
  • Cord diameter & material;
  • Woven & color;
  • Hook shape, size, material & treatment;
  • Product information sheet;
  • BOM.

Secondly, you have to know the packing requirement in very details, which should include below information,

  • Size, printed content, material of warning label on each bungee;
  • Size, printed content, material, punch holes of polybag;
  • Size, printed content, print color, paper quantity, folding method of instruction manual;
  • Size, printed content, print color, material of header card;
  • Printed content of protection cut board;
  • Printed content of carton box, stick label or not?
  • Drop test requirement about the carton box.

Then, it is very important that you should know the requirements about certification. see below,

  • BSCI;
  • ISO;
  • GS & co-license as well as the test report;
  • PAH;
  • REACH;
  • Organotin report;
  • Declaration of identity;
  • Certification of prohibited substance;
  • Declaration of conformity.

All the above requirements seem complicated. You should consider all the costs and the process time when you prepare the quotation.

The fourth, it comes to the sampling and 3rd party inspection.

  • How many samples should be provided? And when? What test should be taken?
  • When and who will do the online inspection and final inspection? What should be prepared?

Finally, you need to ask whether there are other requirements, such as production liability insurance.

Believe me, if you can go through these key points together with your customer one by one, you can easily reach to the order.

Date:2022-11-7 Author:mason123

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