The benefits of using self-retractable ratchet tie down

Nowadays, the pace of urban life is quite fast, many people are full of stress. More and more friends like to drive to nature in their spare time, enjoy peace, and relax their body and mind. Our car roof rack is often used when we do outdoor camping or surfing.  It is very necessary to have a set of ratchet lashing strap in your car for keeping your cargo safe during travelling.

A self-retractable ratchet lashing belt has its advantages when compared to normal ratchet tensioners.

The basic benefit is easy to use.

A normal ratchet tie down strap has 2 parts, after you wrap the webbing around the cargo and secure the hooks, you need to insert long strap into slit of ratchet and ensure it is oriented correctly. Then draw the strap to the right position and tighten it by moving the ratchet handle backwards and forwards.

A self-retractable ratchet tie down strap has only one part, you just need to release the strap and draw it to the right length, put it around your cargo and secure the hooks. Then operate the ratchet handle directly. It will be in place right away.

A retracting ratchet straps is also easy for storage.

When you want to release an automatic ratchet webbing, just push release button and move handle to unlock position, you will find the webbing is loose, then you remove hooks and push the release button to retract the webbing slowly. All the webbing becomes neatly inside the ratchet house without any mess. Store it in the right place and you can directly bring it to use in next time.

Here we want to introduce you an excellent self-retractable ratchet tie down QL0603.

Sinovate QL0603 self retractable ratchet tie down

Its ratchet is made by steel and can provide 500kg lashing capacity which is more than enough to secure your luggage on roof rack. The ratchet is also treated by Zinc plating, which can provide super corrosion resistance.

The protective cover is also made of nylon with the highest strength among plastics which is durable.

The webbing is made of new high-strength polyester fiber, which is UV anti to extend product life.

The webbing length can meet most of your needs since it is up to 4m.

QL0603 is GS certificated and passed PAHS test. So it has quality assurance and is eco-friendly.

Click below link to know more details about our self-retractable ratchet tie down or contact to get a sample.

1″ auto retractable ratchet tie down –

Date:2022-8-15 Author:mason123

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