Strap organizer & velcro tidy tapes set

  • Appilcation: Aim for organizing tie down straps
  • Fit for: 18mm/25mm/38mm/50mm straps

Storage for your tie down straps is, more often than not, something you don’t think about until you throw your straps into a messy heap somewhere in your garage… and that’s precisely when you realize that easy tie down storage is something worth considering. With this 5pc organizing set you could tidy your garage in an easy way. It is no doubt that a tidy storage will make you feel more organized, and it will save you the headache of untangling straps when you really need them. 

Producer’s P/NQL8017
ContainsPlastic strap organizer x 1pc Velcro organizing tape x 4pc
Place of originZhejiang, China
PackingPoly bag or custom packaging
MOQ3,000 sets
Leadtime45 days in normal
HS code56074900


How to storage tie down straps?

Here we provide you 3 more ways to storage your tie down straps.

1. Rubber Bands

A thick rubber band is a cure all: They are perfect for securing everyday items like playing cards or, in our case, tie down straps! Rubber bands are cheap, simple, and fast, which make them perfect for quickly looping around your tie down strap for safe keeping. However, just be careful to keep a box nearby, as they tend to snap after extended exposure to extreme temperatures or the sun.

2. Ball Bungee Cord

We offer a great ball bungee cord for you, check with our part number QL3102. This is perfect for fastening multiple tie downs with various webbings together.

3. Plastic Storage Boxes

Nothing is more time-tested and loyal as a good plastic storage box. You can fit multiple straps inside!

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