Hot sale 4mm tarp bungee cord with ball end

  • Lashing capacity: 25N
  • Breaking strength: 5kg(11lbs)
  • Ball end material: PP
  • Length: 25cm or customized
  • Cord material: 100% latex
  • Woven material: Polypropylene

This tarp bungee cord is in diameter 4mm and 100% made of nature latex. It has a plastic ball end which is in diameter 27mm.

As you can see it is short piece of looped up and knotted inside the hollow plastic ball. It works like a ponytail; insert the cord through the grommet hole, then wrap the loop around the canopy frame, then slip the ball through the loop.

Use this bungee cord with ball to securely fasten tarps to a canopy frame, boat, car, RV, tractor or anything else that needs a tarp. It has endless uses for fastening, securing, containing and organizing around the home, shop and work place.

Producer’s P/NQL3102
Capacity5kg (11lbs)
Cord shapeRound
Cord diameter4mm
Length25cm or customized
Core material100% latex
Woven materialPolypropylene
Ball end materialPP
ColorBlack, white, B&W
Place of originZhejiang, China
PackingPoly bag
Leadtime30 days in normal
HS code56041000


What is a tarp ball bungee cord?

Versatile ball bungees can secure a tarp or canopy to stakes, frames or poles. They can also prove handy on camping trips, for home projects, and even hanging up Christmas lights outside.

Begin with premium ball end bungee cord, also called ball ties, these small latex cords that are knotted inside plastic balls cost the same or less than cheaply made bungee cords sold by other companies.

To secure a tarp, insert the ball end bungee cord through the grommet holes and wrap them around a pipe, a pole or a stake. Tighten canopies with bungee ties secured to the canopy frame. These elastic latex bungee accessories will resist sun damage, too. Secure canopies to tent poles or stakes in the ground. Secure awnings made from tarp over a porch or RV.

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