Elastic cargo net mesh bungee net for pickup truck bed

  • Application: keeps small items from falling out and provides more strength and protection when stretched over cargo.
  • Material: rubber
  • Cord dia.: 4mm
  • Mesh size: 4″/6″

This elastic cargo net for pickup truck bed is made by 4mm white rubber bungee cord and comes with strong PP hooks. Mesh size is 4″/6″. Net size is customized.

The net cord is jacketed with Polypropylene woven which keep its elasticity and to prevent fading; great for years of continued use!

The relocatable hooks can be moved closer to the middle of the cargo net to make the usable net space smaller or to adjust the tension of the net. The hooks are made rigid to hold their shape under pressure; they do not bend or break. The hooks are engineered to connect to attachment points in tight spaces.

This mesh bungee net fits perfectly for roof top cargo carriers and luggage racks of trucks, trailers, pickups, jeeps, GMC, SUVs, ATV/UTV, boats or any oversize load.

Producer’s P/NQL3402
Net sizeUpon customer request
Cord shapeRound
Cord diameter4mm
Mesh size4”/6”
Core materialRubber
Woven materialPolypropylene
Hook materialPlastic
Place of originZhejiang, China
PackingPVC bag with head card
Leadtime45 days in normal
HS code56041000
MOQ1000 units


1. What is cargo net?

Wikipedia – A cargo net is a type of net. It is usually square or rectangle, but sometimes round, made of thick rope, with cinch ropes extending from the corners, and in some designs, the edges. It is named for its use in transferring cargo to and from ships.

2. What is cargo net with mesh?

The openings between the net can vary in size, which may allow small items or debris to exit the net. This is where a cargo net with mesh comes in handy. It is a normal cargo net with a mesh lining to keep all cargo within the net. The mesh is incredibly strong. The cargo net with mesh is one of the perfect types of cargo nets for any haul that includes small items.

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