Multi-function ice scraper detachable ice crusher for car windshield

  • Application: Aim to scrape water, snow and ice on your car window, also clean windshield wiper
  • Material: PP handle, PC blade, Silica gel water bar
  • Features: Detached & multi-fuction blade

This ice scraper is your good mate when you travelling in winter. It’s in ergonomic simply design that provides you an efficient way to settle the hard & tough ice attached on your car window.

This ice crusher consists of two parts. One is the light and hard PP handle, another is the multi-function detachable PC blade. The four-in-one blade combines a flat scraper for snow removal and a serrated blade for thick ice crushing. In addition, there is a silica gel bar inserted the blade which can work as a wiper to remove water on car. You can also find a special designed grinding slot in the multi-function blade which is ideally for you to renew car windshield wiper.

This ice scraper for car is proven to be durable long-term: in a right storage condition, after several winters, our original test model is still working like new.

Producer’s P/N17576
Size180 x 110 mm
MaterialsPP handle, PC blade, silica gel clean bar
ColorMulti-color for handle
Place of originZhejiang, China
PackingPoly bag with head card or stick lable
Leadtime30 days
HS codeT/T, LC
SampleAvailable on request

Note: Long handle design with snow brush is available.

  • Long handle design with snow brush
  • Size: 515mm x 110mm
  • Producer’s P/N: 17577

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