Heavy duty tow & recovery strap 10000lbs

  • Application: Work as recovery & tow strap, kinetic energy strap, offroad power stretch snatch strap for jeep, car, truck, ATV, UTV, SUV
  • Rope material: Polyester
  • Capacity: 10000lbs (5 tons)

The car, on the road, and, no oil? Can’t catch fire? Got into the mud, snow can’t move? The engine can’t start? No matter what level of car, driving on the road will inevitably encounter problems. If the car is broken on the road and cannot continue to move forward, as long as it is not a big problem with the steering or braking system, you can find a car and drag it back, and then repair it. This means you need a tow strap which can provide you enough drag capacity. Sinovate QL2201 is your best choice. Take one in your car, you can get more confidence when you are driving on road.

This heavy duty tow & recovery strap is made of 2 inch wide high strength polyester. There are two reflective stripes in the webbing increase safety when use it in dark night. The double drop forged steel snap hooks can catch & hold your car tow point easily. All bring you a great towing tool with capacity 10000lbs (5 tons).

Producer’s P/NQL2201
Strap width2 inch (50mm)
Strap length4m, 5m, 6m
Strap colorOrange
Breaking force10000lbs (4.5 tons)
Strap materialPolyester
Hook materialDrop forged steel
Place of originShanghai, China
PackingPoly bag or other custom packing
Leadtime30~45 days
HS code56074900
Sample orderWelcome


What is a tow rope?

Tow ropes are durable, heavy duty lengths of rope designed for towing, recovery, and perhaps other uses as well. When people refer to tow ropes, however, many times they may refer to various other accessories as well.

You may find tow straps, recovery kinetic ropes and even wire rope cables referred to as tow rope, but if you want to be specific about it, a tow rope should be an actual rope – that is, twisted and braided strands made from natural or synthetic fibers, with both ends terminating in either braided loops, hooks, shackles, or clevises for attaching them on to the vehicles.

Tow ropes provide you with a versatile tool for a wide variety of towing applications, and if you live in an area that sees heavy snow, you won’t want to drive out without one. They can be used for general purpose towing, and they are especially effective at recovering stuck or mired vehicles, too. Tow ropes are also a popular choice for watersport and boat towing, as well as for aircraft use and other industrial applications.

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