8mm bungee cord with flaxible snap hooks

  • Lashing capacity: 80N
  • Break force: 16Kg (35lbs)
  • Hook Type: flaxible snap hook
  • Length: 60cm, 100cm or customized
  • Cord material: Rubber mixed latex
  • Woven material: PP

This bungee cord with flaxible snap hooks is in diameter 8mm and made of rubber plus high elastic nature latex which is original from south-east Asia. With these super materials we can commit that this bungee cord can be stretched 10 thousand times without any deformation. Its capacity is 35lbs/16kg.

The outer jacket of the cord is made of high strength PP which offers long durability and UV resistant.

The snap hooks are made of nylon and can provide you universal connections while being used. It is flexible and universal. You can use the snap hooks for extension, connection, reinforceing and so on.

Producer’s P/NQL3222
Breaking capacity35lbs/16kg
Cord shapeRound
Cord diameter8mm
Length60cm/100cm or upon customer request
Core materialRubber + nature latex
Woven materialPolypropylene
Carabiner materialNylon + stainless steel
Place of originZhejiang, China
Leadtime30 days in normal
HS code56041000


1. What are snap hooks?

A snap hook is a relative of the carabiner – a closed loop with a spring-loaded opening, operated by pressing your thumb on a catch on the back. Once open, it can be hooked on to whatever you need to attach it to, before the catch is released, and the hook snaps closed. Removing them is just as easy – simply open them up again!

2. How to use snap hooks?

A snap hook is easy to install and easy to use. To connect one to a rope or cord, simply affix the cord as you would to any eye or loop – if you have a cord with a connector or clip, this will be especially easy.

You can use the snap hook to quickly and reversibly connect the rope to any other item with an appropriate eye or bar. Simply depress the knob to open the spring-loaded gate, slot the hook over the item you want to connect to, and let the knob go. The action of the spring will cause the hook to snap closed, and securely make the connection.

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