Why we suggest to use ratchet tie down strap to instead traditional cargo lashing rope?

In many places, truck drivers still use traditional cargo lashing ropes as cargo fixing material, and fasten them manually in order to keep safety during transportation. As a professional manufacturer, we recommend drivers to use ratchet tie down strap to ensure transportation safety. Please see below comparison table for why we do the suggestion.

Compared itemRatchet tie downLashing rope
Lashing capacityClearly marked on productNo indicated
Contact areaWide. Not easy to leave trace on cargo.Narrow. Easy to damage the surface of goods.
Tensioning wayMechanical tensioning by ratchet, reverse brakingManual tensioning, easy to loosen due to transportation bumps

In EU countries, there are corresponding regulations and standards to define the product quality of rachet tiedown. It is EN12195-2.


  • GS certification is a mandatory requirement for export to EU countries and will help to prove product quality.
  • We suggest to use at least a pair of tie downs to fix your cargo in anytime.
  • Please check whether your tie down strap has tears before you fix it on your cargo every time.
Date:2023-2-6 Author:mason123

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