What are the normal widths and lengths of Tie Down Strap?

The most popular widths of Tie Down Strap are 1”(25mm) and 2”(50mm). Other widths include 0.75”(18mm), 1.25”(31mm), 1.5”(38mm), 3”(75mm) and 4”(100mm).

Products made of 1”(25mm) and 2”(50mm) strap can meet the requirement of most cases. We recommend these 2 widths because they normally come with big volume, efficient cost and short lead-time. Please note that lashing capacity of a Tie Down Strap is not limited by the width in general cases, it is limited by tension device. Please consult to manufacturer when you select a tie down strap.

Length of Tie Down Strap is upon customer request. Customer can customize it from 1m to 15m.

Some customers prefer to determine strap thickness. Actually thickness is impacted by the strap material as well as the weaving method. It doesn’t help to improve lashing capacity, as I mentioned in previous lashing capacity is limited by tension device such as ratchet or cam buckle.

Date:2022-12-19 Author:mason123

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